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Merve "Swerve" Griffiths

Merv the Swerve has been around the block a little (well quite a lot) with Djing and presenting work over the years both stage hosting at 02 London, Cliffs Pavillion SOS and working with some of the top names in the business as well as music production and Radio.
Co-owner and founder of ZeroRadio and spent most of his DJ years as co-DJ at the Zero6 as well as Manhattens Southend. Merv was also a Saturday resident at Joannas in Gillingham. More recently for the past 7 yrs at Lagoona soul. 

Merv brings the party to any crowd with his vast array of musical knowledge and his unique style of presentation and comparing. 

Despite Merv having a resemblance to Kris Pissedoffagain he cannot drive a lorry!

Great to have Merv at Lagoona Soul.

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