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Greg Edwards was born in Grenada and raised in New York City although he moved to the UK in 1971 in order to assist in the running of the newly formed Philadelphia International record label which was founded by writer-producers Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff. He worked as an Executive at CBS records during this time, where he was responsible for the marketing and promotion of soul music, with acts such Earth, Wind and FireLou Rawls and Johnny Nash.

BBC and Capital Radio[edit]

Whilst still working for CBS, Greg was approached by BBC radio producer Dave Price to stand in for the Emperor Rosko radio show in 1972. It is here that Greg's radio career began, working for BBC Radio 1 on the Saturday noon – 3 pm slot. It was Greg's intention to promote soul and jazz music which had very little UK airplay at that time. He also presented three editions of the long-running music show Top of the Pops, during March and April 1974. However, he decided to leave the BBC and work for the new Independent Radio Station set up in October 1973, called Capital Radio.

It was at Capital Radio that Greg worked alongside DJs such as the late Kenny EverettDave Cash and Chris Tarrant. Greg was well known for promoting record labels on his station. He once said, "Buy anything that is issued on the Prelude label". The station even issued a 'soul spectrum playlist' each Saturday which was available from the station, located in Euston Tower, London.

Lyceum Ballroom - "The Best Disco in Town"[edit]

From the late 1970s through to the early 1980s, Greg presented Capital Radio’s “Best Disco in Town”, each Friday night, from the Lyceum Ballroom in the Strand, London. The event was also broadcast live, from 11 pm to midnight.

Soul Mafia

Greg Edwards is a true Soul icon and part of the original Soul/Funk Mafia comprised of Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, Sean French, Chris Brown, Tom Holland & Froggy. Greg was at the very forefront appearing at the National Soul alldayer at Knebworth and of course the original Caister soul weekenders.


Greg Edwards works as a DJ, playing at events around the UK and Europe on a regular basis. Not only is a valued and respected part of the great Lagoona Soul DJ team, he also has a show on "Mi Soul" on Sundays from 1 pm to 3 pm, called 'Soul Spectrum'.

If you ever want to meet a true living legend, a true gentleman and soul music pioneer, then Greg is your man! What an honour that Greg joins us at Lagoona Soul.

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