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Gordon Gee

Music has been a passion of Gordon's since he was about six years old and his enthusiasm has not waned over the last 42 years! Whilst at school, Gordon became a drummer but his love for music led him into becoming a DJ. By the time Gordon was 16, he had built his own sound system and done his first gig. Growing up in North London, Gordon  had the opportunity to DJ in a lot clubs and pubs in the area and soon gained a big reputation. In 1986, Gordon then ventured in to radio, firstly on Solar FM, then Lazer FM followed by a short spell on WNK. Gordon was on Cruise FM playing soul, jazz funk, soulful house and a touch of reggae. Gordon has now moved to DELITE RADIO.1-4 every Sunday afternoon.

Gordon made his debut at Lagoona Soul in 2019 and was excellent. If you don't recognise Gordon straight away he will be the one dancing, jumping and bounding about like Tigger!!!!

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