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Brian aka The Rev was born in the east end of London but at the age of two (around 1926) moved to South Ockendon. I always had a passion for music thanks to my uncle who had a massive record collection and always had the latest stereo system. My DJ'ing started in 1978 at the Culverhouse school youth club. I used to help the DJ there (who was my woodwork teacher and who had a love of soul music) and before long I was doing nights there on my own using his gear. I needed my own gear and he helped me make most of it in school. When everyone else was making tables and toast racks I was making turntable cases and light boxes. This led me to mobile work which I still do to this day albeit not as many nowadays.

I started going to all the soul nights I could. Venues such as Ilford Town Hall and the Greyhound where Froggy was playing. The Goldmine, Zero 6, Flicks, Room At the Top, Oscars and many more. When I started to drive that brought a whole new adventure in the way of Caister, The Perranporth Weekender, The Brighton Beach Party, The Southampton All Nighter and of course National Soul Day.

I got offered a residency at Rackett's Country Club in Stanford Le Hope in 1982 and was there for eight years whilst doing other DJ work in pubs including The Prince Of wales in South Ockendon, the Leonard Arms and the Tophouse to name but a few, also doing spells at Sweeney's, Elliots and a year at The Circus Tavern working with Steve Merrel where we installed their sound system. I got married in 1988 to my lovely wife Elaine and around 1991 deceded to concentrate on mobile work. In 2010 after meeting up with some DJ's I hadn't seen for years  I started doing my radio show on Zero Radio on a sunday morning called The Sunday Service because of the name someone nicknamed me the 'Rev' and the name stuck.


Now I am back to what I love best, playing the soul Jazz and Funk Lagoona Soul , Margate Soul Festival , Soul Family Affair ,Soul By The Jetty, Killer Soul, Five Star Soul and Caister, With my partner in Rhythm Lee Fatbloke we install sound systems for small and large gigs including the world famous GYSW BBQ. So looking for a sound system small or large...give us a try!!!

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